Articulating what you want is vital to a successful business. Left 2 Write has the right combination of business expertise and creative skills to assist you in getting out the appropriate message. Owned and operated by Irene Davidson Fisher, a Haliburton Highlands freelance writer. Offering over 25 years of business experience including government, corporate business and the nonprofit sector. Left2Write provides an extensive writing portfolio.

Why Hire a Professional Writer?

Never underestimate the power of the written word. The old adage, the pen is mightier than the sword still resonates true, especially in today’s fast paced world. In order for your business to eliminate your competitors, effective words are imperative. Whether it is for articles, speeches, scripts, or in-house documents, to name a few, effective words are essential for business communications.

A professional writer:

  • listens to the client to establish the exact message to be delivered
  • determines the purpose of the communication and the target audience
  • crafts concise copy that meets the needs of the client prompting an appropriate response from the target audience
  • ensures research, grammar, punctuation, and word usage are correct

Professional Fee Guidelines:

The Professional Writers Association of Canada compiled a very general fee range for professional writing services, however, rates vary according to the scope of the project and extent of the service provided. Most writers quote each project separately, according to the needs and wants of the client.

Professional Writers Fee Guidelines:

Left2Write provides an extensive writing portfolio including:

Ensuring your clients have the most up-to-date information relating to your products and services is vital to growing your business. Informative E-Articles drive traffic to your website, increasing visits, and increasing your company’s visibility as well as credibility.

Website Content
Getting your presence online may be easier than you think.

Consulting with your business, through a one-on-one interview, Left2Write will explore what makes your business tick, your services and clientele, and help you define your website goals. Consistency is vital and we’ll ensure that the on-line image reflects your company’s marketing image.

Audio and Video Transcription
Say what you want to say, capture what you want seen and then leave the rest to us. Audio and Video Transcription is labour intensive, unless you have the necessary skills and experience. With time constraints impacting your business, it’s good to know there is a professional who can bring your words and images to life with words.

Writing a speech can be as daunting as presenting it. My background in political and corporate speech writing will assist in preparing just the right speech, for any occasion.

Special Event Scripts and Related Promotional Materials

Make that special event come to life by ensuring that your MC, board of directors and staff all know exactly what will take place and when. Scripting an event is an art, one that I’m proficient in and would be pleased to share with you.

Freelance Articles
Irene’s articles have been published in Our Canada Magazine, a subsidiary to Readers Digest.