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Reviewed in Canada on April 2, 2021

This well-written story of a young girl who needed a present for her grandmother’s birthday is engaging for young children and teaches them a couple of important lessons in the process. Gifts don’t need to cost money and if you persevere you will succeed are the two lessons of note. My 3 year old grandchild picks this one off the shelf time after time both for me to read to her and to read herself (see picture). The lovely and colourful illustrations add to the story and help the child follow along.

Hi Irene,

Harry and Maggie loved your book Harry reads to his younger sister all the time. When Harry opened the book he told his dad I have to send a thank you. The picture below is that note. It’s placed prominently on my fridge; wish I had more grandchildren.
Thanks again for the joy you give children in your books.

Renée Pageau

Hi there,
Just wanted to let Irene know that I read your story about Robbie Raccoon and the Big Black Blob to Tyler’s grade 3 class today.

His teacher has a “Mystery Reader” come in and read a story of choice to the class. I was the reader today. You should have seen Tyler’s face! And it was fun because I knew a lot of his classmates.
They all really enjoyed the story! And they were really impressed when I said I had met the author!
Hope you are all doing well! Cheers,

Jacqueline Schonewille

Hi Irene!!
I wanted to let you know that my daughter Savannah loved your book:-) Thanks for being the wonderful you that you are!


“Hi Irene,
Well that was fantastic! You really did teach the teachers something that is for sure. You held the children’s interest and that is no small task for 100 + 8, 9, and 10 year olds students. I was very impressed with the thoughtful level of questions coming out of the students. Teachers can always tell if their message is getting through by the questions the students ask. Your message was clear and very much at their level.”

Andrea (Teacher) and the Grade 4/5 Students
@ St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

I first became acquainted with the writing of Irene DavidsonFisher in 2008, when she submitted a wonderful story about travelling the Yellowhead Highway in Western Canada to the publication which employs me, Our Canada magazine. We have published Irene’s work on a number of occasions since then. It was evident from her initial submission that Irene has a natural flair for writing and storytelling. Having just read her very first children’s book, Robbie Raccoon and the Big Black Blob, I’m happy to report that Irene’s creative flair appears to have developed into a fullblown talent, complemented by a farreaching imagination that children— and the child in each and every one of us — can truly appreciate.

Gary George, Managing Editor
Our Canada & More of Our Canada

An adventurous tale of two raccoons who can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Robbie Racoon and the Big Black Blob is a great addition to a classroom library and is just as much fun to read as it is to hear.

Stacey Freeland,
B.A. Psych, R.E.C.E.
Centre Supervisor for Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten

A story as charmingly sweet as the big black blob itself.

Ted Staunton –
Author of Puddleman,
one of Canada’s most perennially popular picture books

Robbie and Ricki are young, hungry raccoons whose curiosity lands them in a sticky situation. A delightful tale of what can happen when Mom is away and two adventurous youngsters decide to let their noses take them on a delicious but dangerous adventure.

David Milliken,
retired Senior Vice President,
Canada News Wire Ltd.

Irene Davidson Fisher’s debut is a charmer that will be especially fun bedtime reading for anyone who’s camping, at the cottage, or who wishes they were.

Edward Kay,
Author of
Sink and Destroy, STAR Academy, and Dark Secrets

Irene Davidson Fisher’s, Robbie Raccoon, published by Hidden Brook Press, is a delightful cautionary tale for young children who will certainly enjoy having it read to them. Robbie, like many an older sibling, talks his little brother Ricki into sharing an adventure that is at first frightening and dangerous, but all is well that ends well. The tale is beautifully illustrated, by Carolyn Johnstone, with delightful expressions on the faces of the two raccoons.

The back cover design, featuring seven of these illustrations in various sizes, makes for a truly attractive picture book.

Norma West Linder,
Author of numerous novels, short stories,
poems and children’s books

An engaging tale of raccoon mischief. Follow the antics of Robbie and Ricky Raccoon as they explore their Cottage Country surroundings for the first time. This is a story to delight young and old.

Sharon Lawrence
(widow of R.D. Lawrence)
Educator and Wildlife Writer

A lovely tale of mischievous children having an adventure yet learning that Mom does know what’s best.

Carole Aylard,
Dartmouth, NS

Robbie Raccoon and the Big Black Blob is a story of two raccoons as their curious nature and hungry tummies takes them on an adventure. This is a cute story with fun pictures to go with it. A must read for parents or grandparents who love to snuggle and read to their children.

Laurie Melenchuk

Irene DavidsonFisher’s book takes us on a nighttime reconnoiter with two young raccoons hunting down the source of an enticing, sweet smell. Children may recognize themselves in Robbie, the one prepared to chance their mother’s wrath and any potential danger or Ricki, his reluctant sidekick, who wants to remain safe at home. DavidsonFisher’s narrative accurately reveals raccoons’ curious nature as they sneak up on the campfire scene, staying safely out of view.

Robbie’s determination, at all costs, drives the story forward while his brother’s continual reluctance to proceed and the presence of humans adds needed tension to the story.

Throughout the book, Carolyn Johnstone’s illustrations support and bring to life the amusing storyline of the masked campfire raiders. Children, parents and grandparents alike will love Robbie Raccoon, and the Big Black Blob.

Wendie Donabie
Artist & Writer
CoChair, Muskoka Authors Association

Living by the lake, we have had our share of raccoon visitors over the years. They have generally been noisy, bothersome visits. Typically our reaction has been to encourage them to leave. Having read this little story, I wonder how many of our visitors were just inquisitive about what we were up to. Just like children who are always asking what and why, this story reminds one that all youngsters, be they human or animal, are born to wonder and try new things, even things they are warned not to try. The language in this story flows in an easy manner drawing one into their plight, hoping all will end well. I look forward to reading this lovely story to my grandchildren.

Klara Oyler, Retired Teacher

Robbie Raccoon is a fun romp to delight young children who love these furry and photogenic bandits of the night. Johnstone’s warm illustrations paint a portrait of innocence that these mischievous rascals cannot sustain.

Bill MacKay
Managing Partner

Dave Quest, MLA, Strathcona County, Alberta.

The speeches you wrote for my (successful) nomination campaign were outstanding. Taking thoughts and ideas and turning them into great messages takes the kind of talent and ability that very few have. It was very fortunate for me that you do and were willing to share yours. It’s always a pleasure to be able to speak to a group with the conviction and confidence that a strong, well written message gives the speaker….your messages truly gave me that.

Thank you again for sharing your experience with me, allowing me to win the Strathcona nomination and then the Provincial Seat. You’re an amazing writer!